Pan-Africa Conference 2019


Welcome to 1st Pan-Africa Conference Tübingen to be hosted at the official inuaguration of German Africa International Expo (GAIEXPO) also referred to as Afrika Expo Festival Tübingen, Baden-Württemberg southern region of the Federal Republic of Germany. Theme of this year is “WHO MOVED MY GOLD” under the motto “Building Africa by Africans”. The first Pan-Africa Conference (PAC ) is a three day programm starting from Friday 2nd August, Saturday 3rd and ends with a conference gala on Sunday 4th. PAC shall bring in delegates from the 4 regions of Africa and Diaspora amongst others accreditated prominent keynote speakers from the continent and worldwide.

It is more than time that we people of Africa, referred to as Africans, leaders of today and tommorrow start preparing the salvation of a new Africa which we are now witnessing in all its facetts. We have longed cried out loud about the negative narratives parodding the continent of Africa and its people worldwide, though the narratives changing tremendously from a continent of disasters to opportunity and chance continent, neverthless the old narratives are still plastered in the minds of Africa. PAC 2019 shall focus on harnessing the potentials of the African continent to its people in Africa and Diaspora worldwide, it is a game changing 3 days conference that shall teach, critize and empower every African about the need to take responsibility, open eyes to see the enormous potentials and benefits of Africa to Africans.

If you are African, that have given up on Africa, come and discover the many many things we have been blinded not to see about Africa. If you are African and have lost hope in you country of origin, we invite you to come and discover available opportunities in other african countries, if you are African in the Diaspora that has been abused by investing in your countries, come together we shall harness other open doors to the continent. If you are African that has been fustrated by the world, come and receive wisdom and empowerment from todays Pan-Africa leaders of our time, you shall find strength to energized and learn to live and love yourself as an African. All hope about Africa is not lost, afterall as an African you have only one continent call your home and there no better place to like home.

Though our continent is still facing challenges in every sector,  nevertheless endless opportunities awaits every African ready to embrace change. We invite you all to attend PAC and be empowered.


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