Does Africaexpofestival also take place when it`s raining?

In principle, the event takes place in any weather.

Why do we pay entrance?

The Expo is Entry free (Mondays to Wednesday) The festival days begin on thursday with stage programm and music

The organisation of big events – the festival is connected with very high costs.

e.g. stage technology, advertising, billposting, flyers, fees, space rental, artist fee, toilet car, tents, personnel costs, etc…

It is but obvious to charge an entry fee in order to finance services offered by the festival. We have decided to take this step because we want to make it possible for all visitors to participate in the festival music program and in many events for as little money as possible.

It may also interest you to know that the aims and objectives of this event that has been operating since 2007 under horrible challenges, had never been to make money or enrich anyone. On the contrary the organizers have invested heavily to keep the festival and we are proud to have done that, bringing thousands of people together to celebrate cultural diversity, peace and togetherness. We look forward to well-wishers, sponsors, donors, philantrophist to join us support this noble course. For more information on how you can contribute support our work, kindly click on Applications and fill out the forms. Thank you, God bless you!

What is included in the entrance fee?

The daily ticket entitles you to enter the festival ground, meet and connect with people, share experience, take part in workshops free of charge, music programm, party and have fun. Be aware that we are not a music festival, we are a family festival with aims to share and celebrate our togetherness peacefully.

Who finances the Africa Expo Festival?

The Africa Expo & Festival finances itself. We appreciate your sponsorship and support through your visit and sharing our event with your colleagues, family, friends and lovers of music, Africa and togetherness. Contact us and be a sponsor or good will donor. Together we are stronger and able

Lost & found

Lost and found things can be handed to us at the office, infopoint or at the gate.

Missing items, can be queried under the following e-mail:


Where can one Park?

There are plenty of parking spaces on the festival grounds.

Here, drivers will find useful information on driving and parking in Tübingen. There are public charging stations for electric cars. If you don’t have your own car, you can rent a car or take a taxi from the car sharing cooperative teil Auto Neckar-Alb eG.

Current parking possibilities in Tübingen

The Altstadt-Mitte multi-storey car park is expected to be closed until Christmas 2019 due to renovation work. If you come to Tübingen by car, you will still find a parking space. Several multi-storey car parks near the city centre and additional parking spaces at weekends will ensure this.

Multi-storey car parks
For car drivers from the south, the Metropol multi-storey car park and the Neckar multi-storey car park in Wöhrdstraße are ideal. Car drivers from the north can use the Altstadt-König multi-storey car park or the multi-storey car park in Brunnenstraße. The latter is particularly recommended at weekends, when 250 to 300 spaces are usually available. If you are on the move with your smartphone, you can also view available parking spaces in the multi-storey car park at www.tuebingen.de/mobil .

Free parking at the district court on Saturdays
50 to 60 parking spaces are available every Saturday from 9.30 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the local court in Doblerstraße 14. With a parking disc you can park there for up to four hours free of charge. All vehicles must leave the car park by 7 p.m. at the latest.

Free parking on Sundays
Additionally, you can park for free on all Sundays on the ground-level Rewe parking lot in Westbahnhofstraße and at the depot.

more information about parking facilities


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