Expo 2020

What’s New?

Suppliers. Wholesalers. Manufacturers. Retailers.  We’ve stepped up Africa Expo Germany for 2020 with a brand-new show experience designed around 2 sourcing destinations – Projects – Crafts – Tourism – Fashion – Hospitality – Food – Music – Arts & more…

We are the most important marketplace for African projects, craft and tourism sectors with home, gifts and fashion and we are stopping at nothing but digging into new opportunities, connections and leads.

10+ Sectors. Unique brands and suppliers. 7 days of pure product and trend inspiration.

Come and findout what’s new and trendy at Africa Expo Germany.

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Africa is talking Business. The Craft Trade Sector is the fastest growing in Africa, with million job creation and creating a huge opportunity for smaller holdings. We understand how to help you succeed in the B2B African market. Join us at the Africa Expo Germany, we do it the Africa way, access direct suppliers and negotiate price, benefit from our flexible price and face-to-face Communication.

International tourist arrivals around the world grow at around 4% per annum. International tourist arrivals to Africa grows at around 5% per annum with North Africa growing at around 4% while Sub-Saharan Africa grows around 6% per annum.

The potential of Africa’s tourism industry is demonstrated when comparing the top tourism destinations in the world. Top tourism destinations in Africa area Morocco with around 11 million tourist arrivals per annum and South Africa with around 10 million tourist arrivals per annum.

New Layout

Africa Expo Germany 2020 is coming with a brand new layout. For better orientation the Expo shall be divided into product sectors, tapping into innovative  show experience designed, enticing visitors with 5 senses of Africa– Taste, Sound, Touch, Feel and Smell. Our brand-new layout shopping experience intended to encourage visitors, explore opportunities, connect using the African communication style, enhancing diversify their offering and generate more new leads for exhibitors.

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