African Village


“It takes a village to raise a child” African proverb

What is AFRIKART TÜBINGEN PROJECT (ATP 1.0)? ATP seeks to define Africa and descendants of Africa worldwide of its heritage and identity through works of great visual artist as well showcase products of African heritage.  Hidden histories’ have played a critical role in the life of African people especially as they migrate into different cultures. Though Colonisation seems to be irrelevant in todays world, its impact on Africa and its people which erased the brains of Africans of all form and content, distorts, disfigures and destroyed it, remains relevant particularly when we talk about Building Africa by Africans and when Africa and its people are treated as inferiors. Colonialisation is a process that replaced African brains, thoughts, concepts, images and visuals with super imposed artificial teachings and learning of todays world. The process however has damaged generations and today Africans turn to be transporters of colonial ideas, concepts, theories…to its new generation and Africa through development. ATP seeks to reconstruct the concept of colonisation through unlearning and relearning about Africa and its heritage. ATP 2020 “African Village” offers global travelers – people of African descent and others an exclusive 1 week package + flight, accomodation and learning in the “African Village” at GAIEXPO Tübingen, Germany under motto “Who are we”?! ATP 2020 takes on a long journey to unravel African cultural identity through history, Arts and Education. “You must know your roots to be able to identify your destination” More information in progress to be available before September 2019.

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AFRIKART TÜBINGEN PROJEKT 1.0,  Kunst & Erbe Afrikas 2020

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