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After operations as “AfrikAktiv e.V” since 2007 with goals dedicated  in pioneering voluntary social community services, 2019 to expantiate and offer quality services we are happy to announce to GABS gUG, social Enterprise specialized in African Migrant community in Germany and Europe. Membership is open to African Migrant Association, Businesses,  private Groups and initiatives, churches and others as well as German organisations,  small and medium sized firms with focus on Africa. For more information on registration click and visit our homepage www.gabs-germany.de


GABS gUG works focuses in many areas such as consultancy for the African Migrants in Germany, migration, education, research and development, Arts and Culture amongst others. Our annual event “Afrika Expo & Festival” offers a Plattform for German Africans with Programms focused on sensitization, changing perspectives, education, entertainment and others.

We from GABS gUG see ourselves as a forward looking, innovative, passionate professionals with experience and the drive to deliver results.

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Diaspora & Engagement

The African Diaspora in Germany contributes tremendously to community development in Germany as well as development of Africa in various ways.  We from GABS, seeks to promote the works and contribution of the African migrant organisations through public relation and communication.


Education is key, African Diaspora needs basic education and skills to excel in their various community and foster development back on the continent. At GABS, we offer a wide range of consultancy ranging from starting and registering an association to setting a Business and more. We also answer questions on daily challenges faced in Germany – Integration – Vocational Trainings – Jobs – healthcare and more

Heritage & Identity

Who is an African Diaspora?  An African Diaspora is someone of African descent and heritage living outside the continent, irrespective of his /her citizenship and who remain committed to contribute to the development of the continent and the building of Africa.

Afrika Expo Tübingen

Afrika Expo Tübingen, Germany 2020 offers everyone the opportunity for learning and sharing in a global world.

Information & Education

GABS gUG focuses in bridging African organisation and initiatives in Germany, Europe and Africa for knowledge sharing and development through events, workshops and seminars

Africa Mentoring Programm

Changing Narratives: Seeking African solutions to African challenges


An umberella organisation to promote and enhance community engagement of African Diaspora in Germany, Europe with particular emphasis in the Southern Region of Germany – Stuttgart and Tübingen

Through our long term engagement, we know and understand the needs and challenges African Diaspora organisations are facing in our Region and Germany as a whole – Lack of professional knowledge to meet their goals and objectives. 

  • Work towards connecting and networking people
  • Phenomenal success in our target projects
  • Satisfaction and rewarding
  • Managing resources through thoughtful leadership
  • Empowering Team with Leadership skills to manage team
  • Generating more public awareness about Diaspora engagement and contributions in meeting community objectives and goals

Our experience

Trade Fair & Event Services 87%
Consulting Services 75%
Consumer Products & Services 63%
PR & Marketing 50%

Our team

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