About us

GABS originated in 2018, after operating as “Afrikaktiv” since 2007 with principals dedicated to integrity and excellence in German African consulting with related services for Africa and Germany..

Through gaining experience from 13 Editions of  our Africa Festivals, our team is innovative and able to identify the best opportunities responding to various needs.

We see ourselves as a forward looking, innovative, group of passionate professionals with experience and the drive to deliver results.

Why choose us?

People First

GABS provide platforms that bring people together irrespective of their country of origin, Religious Background, Gender and Status

Women & Children

Women are the backbone of every community, children are the future. At GABS we design programms taking into consideration these two groups.

Nature First

At GABS, we work putting our environment first, how we think and operate, resources implementation et all.


Engaging Africa with global consumers and inspiring the media — we ensure Africa brands are seen and heard in all the right places.

Social Values

Though we are a company our values remain on social responsibilities, we take pride in bridging people, share perspectives and learning.

Germany & World

Building bridges and cooperations for sustainable partnerships between Africa, Germany and the World

Our mission

In November 2019, GABS launched its head office in Rottenburg Germany Incorporated to strengthen its expertise and reaching out. We look forward to expanding to Africa, precisely in Addis Abeba – Ethiopia in 2020

We know and understand our peoples need ’inside and out to create bespoke campaigns that bring people together for a common gaol and purpose. 

  • Work towards connecting and networking people
  • Phenomenal success in our target projects
  • Satisfaction and rewarding
  • Managing resources through thoughtful leadership
  • Empowering Team with Leadership skills to manage team
  • Generating more consumer audience

Our experience

Trade Fair & Event Services 87%
Consulting Services 75%
Consumer Products & Services 63%
PR & Marketing 50%

Our team

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